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Wantage Community Hospital has closed temporarily to in-patients. It will not reopen until 2017. Physiotherapy and Maternity services remain on site.

The Oxford Health NHS Trust has closed the hospital to in-patients now even through the bacteria found in the hospital last year has been eradicated in January and there is no risk to patients at the current time. It appears that this situation has been very badly managed and we, the community who use the hospital services, are the ones to suffer.
For the facts associated with the closure see here:[show more]

A campaign to save the hospital has been set up and you can sign the petition here


Vale District Council Local Plan 2031 Part 1

The Local Plan Inspector recently published his main Interim Findings on the Vale District Council Local Plan 2031 Part 1. The Inspector indicated that, subject to "main modifications", the plan is likely to be found sound. The Vale are now consulting on these main modifications. See:
the Plan Progress Bulletin - July 2016 and the
Schedule of Main Modifications Consultation

They also want to know what you think of their draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). See
Statement of Community Involvement Consultation

Both of these consultations started on 20 July and run for 8 weeks to 14 September 2016.


Planning Updates

  • Tom's Field/Fullers Field. This is the last green area in Charlton Village and an important buffer between the Charlton Conservation Area to the south and the 1500 homes for which outline permission has been granted to the North and East. The outline planning application has been submitted for up to 81 homes, see (Vale Ref: P16/V1983/O).
  • Monks Farm. See ourMonks Farm pagefor details.
    The outline planning application has now been submitted for 456 dwellings. This will fill in the rest of the land around the cemetery from Denchworth Road to Williams F1 and Bellingers. See (Vale Ref: P16/V0981/O).
    The detailed application for the 75 homes behind Bellingers Garage has now been submitted. See (Vale Ref: P16/V1287/RM).
  • Grove Airfield - Still 2500 homes but details of planning conditions and financial contributions have still not been agreed. Until everyone has signed, nothing can happen. See (Vale Ref: P12/V0299/O) for details.
  • 150 homes on King Alfred's East Site - An outline application (P15/V2952/O) to turn the Kings Alfred's School East Site into a housing estate with 150 homes has been approved. This is an outline application and the Academy will sell the site to developers who will then submit a detailed application showing the exact number, position and size of houses to be built.
  • East Challow again! -
    - 50 homes behind Windmill Place. See (Vale Ref: P14/V2318/FUL) for details. This application is back on the agenda with revised plans etc from Bovis. This application has been refused.
  • East Hanney- Both applications for 200 homes were turned down by the Planning Committee on 25th November 2015.
    - The application for 197 homes on the land south of Summertown, see Vale Ref: P15/V1616/FULwent to appeal and this has been declined.
    - The application for 200 homes east of the A338 has also gone to appeal and has also be declined. See (Vale Ref: P15/V1846/O) for details.
    - the application for up to 30 homes south of The Causeway East Hanney has been rejected, see Vale Ref: P16/V0364/O.
    - see our Hanneys page for detail of the impact on the Hanneys.
  • Crab Hill we still have no information about the developers of the 1500 homes at Crab Hill although we understand the site is under offer. We did write to the District Council recently about the requirement for a Development Delivery Forum for the development. According to Schedule 10 of the S106:
    "As soon as reasonably practicable after completion of this Agreement and in any event prior to the Commencement of Development, the Owners, the District Council and the County Council shall set up and implement the Forum in accordance with the terms of reference contained in this Schedule." "The membership of the Forum may vary from time to time but will include representatives of the Owners and subsequent developers and officers of the District Council and County Council, and may include local District and County Councillors, Town Council representatives, any other representative of relevant local organisations and representatives of the local residents." We would like to be a member of the Forum. See (Vale Ref: P13/V1764/O) for details or go to our Crab Hill) page for some more information about the application.


The Police Counter in Wantage Library has closed from the end of March 2016

Quote from Thames Valley Police:[show more]


For information on the status of the Local Plan Examination click here


The NPPF fails to protect against unsustainable development, reports Government committee - See the full report


Vale District Council commits to a feasibility study on a "new Settlement in the Vale"

At the Council meeting on 16th July 2014 the Councillors agreed to commit to a feasibility study and a public consultation for one or more new settlements in the Vale as solutions to our long term need for housing. This is outside work on the Local Plan so in addition to the 20,560 which are likely to be in the Local Plan, we could expect a further development of up to 30,000 new homes. This could double the number of homes in the Vale in the next 20 years. Where will the funding for the infrastructure required come from?

As Councillor Richard Webber said at the meeting:

"From an average build rate of 550 houses per annum, (last year 400 and only once in the last 30 years 700), we are now in the Local Plan for consultation seeking to achieve an average build rate in excess of 1000 new homes per annum. With the advent of the SHMA, the number could go up by another 3-400 per annum. If Oxford City wins its fight to pass over some of its SHMA allocation to the Districts, we could be over 1500 per annum, nearly 3 times our current average. Not for nothing is Oxfordshire the home of Alice in Wonderland."

Little boxes on the hillside ....[show more]


Open Letter to Matthew Barber, [show detail]

And his reply.


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