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Vale District Council Local Plan 2031 Part 1

The Local Plan Part 1 has now been adopted by the District Council. The final document can be found here

They are now consulting on Local Plan Part 2which:

  • sets out policies and locations for housing for the Vale's proportion of Oxford's housing need up to 2031, which cannot be met within the City boundaries
  • contains policies for the part of Didcot Garden Town that lies within the Vale of White Horse district
  • contains detailed development management policies to complement the Local Plan 2031 Part 1, and which replace the saved policies of the Local Plan 2011
  • allocates additional development sites for housing

Comments can be submitted until 5pm on Thursday 4 May 2017.

Planning Updates

  • Grove Road Care home and Extra Care Apartments - This is an application for a new development on Grove Road near the allotments where the horses used to graze. Frontier Homes want to build a pair of three storey buildings containing 50 apartments (37 two bedroom and 13 one bedroom) and a 70 bed care home. Now we are not saying there is anything wrong with building another care home - we are all getting older after all. But the original plan for a tasteful, two storey structure tucked away beneath the summit of Crab Hill, with a public park and gardens next to the road, has been ditched in favour of a three storey (12 metre high) development with very private gardens.
    It is a very large development for the site and there will only be 49 parking spaces, so where are other residents, staff and/or visitors going to park? See (Vale Ref: P17/V0813/FUL) for details.
  • Naldertown - The full application for 31 homes on the Covent Site in Naldertown has now been submitted. The layout has changed dramatically since that submitted as part of the outline application. See (Vale Ref: P17/V0569/FUL) for details.
  • Monks Farm. See ourMonks Farm pagefor details.
    The outline planning application has now been submitted for 456 dwellings. This will fill in the rest of the land around the cemetery from Denchworth Road to Williams F1 and Bellingers. See (Vale Ref: P16/V0981/O).
    The detailed application for the 75 homes behind Bellingers Garage has now been approved. See (Vale Ref: P16/V1287/RM).
  • Grove Airfield - Still 2500 homes but details of planning conditions and financial contributions have still not been agreed. Until everyone has signed, nothing can happen. See (Vale Ref: P12/V0299/O) for details.
  • 150 homes on King Alfred's East Site - An outline application (P15/V2952/O) to turn the Kings Alfred's School East Site into a housing estate with 150 homes has been approved. This is an outline application and the Academy will sell the site to developers who will then submit a detailed application showing the exact number, position and size of houses to be built.
  • Crab Hill - The first meeting of the Development Delivery Forum for the development has taken place place this week. Much of the discussion was around the comments and questions that we submitted in response to the application to address number of conditions and Section 106 requirements prior to the submission of any Reserved Matters applications.
    The conditions include:
    Condition 6: Development Delivery Strategy Which requires details of site wide strategies including access and movement, social infrastructure, landscape, open space and the public realm.
    Condition 7: Housing Delivery Document, Which demonstrates the disposition of housing across the whole site including details of number and mix of dwellings, tenure, density and completions.
    Condition 17: Phasing Plan Which identifies the location and timing of infrastructure and community facilities, build out rate and details and co-ordination of housing infrastructure.
    Condition 8: Masterplan Which requires a masterplan for the entire site to be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.
    See (Vale Ref: P13/V1764/Oand P16/V2590/DIS) for details or go to our Crab Hill) page for some more information about the application.


Wantage Community Hospital has closed temporarily to in-patients. It will not reopen until 2017. Physiotherapy and Maternity services remain on site.

The Oxford Health NHS Trust has closed the hospital to in-patients now even through the bacteria found in the hospital last year has been eradicated in January and there is no risk to patients at the current time. It appears that this situation has been very badly managed and we, the community who use the hospital services, are the ones to suffer.
For the facts associated with the closure see here:[show more]

A campaign to save the hospital has been set up and you can sign the petition here


Strategic Economic Plan Refresh

OxLEP – Oxfordshire’s Local Enterprise Partnership – the unelected private company that is driving the economic growth in our county –

The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OXLEP)tasked with driving forward forced economic growth in the county, has now published the refresh of the strategic Economic Plan for Oxfordshire see SEP ‘Refresh’. They ignored all comments to the refresh about the optimistic growth targets even though the County Council admits in it's "Better Oxfordshire Proposal that
A Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), jointly commissioned by all Oxfordshire local authorities, identified the need for an additional 100,000 homes by 2031. [Figures show] the cumulative under-delivery of housing against the identified need both in recent years and when considering projected completions contained within Local Plans. It demonstrates that on current plans, Oxfordshire will miss its housing need target by almost 40,000 homes. It should also be noted that actual completions continue to fall well short of projected completion across authorities.


The Police Counter in Wantage Library has closed from the end of March 2016

Quote from Thames Valley Police:[show more]


Vale District Council commits to a feasibility study on a "new Settlement in the Vale"

At the Council meeting on 16th July 2014 the Councillors agreed to commit to a feasibility study and a public consultation for one or more new settlements in the Vale as solutions to our long term need for housing. This is outside work on the Local Plan so in addition to the 20,560 which are in the Local Plan, we could expect a further development of up to 30,000 new homes. This could double the number of homes in the Vale in the next 20 years. Where will the funding for the infrastructure required come from?


Little boxes on the hillside ....[show more]


Open Letter to Matthew Barber, [show detail]

And his reply.


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