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Thames Water Plan 2019 - 2080

The Group Against Reservoir Development gave a talk at our AGM and we based our response to the Thames Water Plan consultation on their research. Our submission is availableherebut in brief if all the other proposed ways of obtaining water through reducing leakage, recycling, reducing usage, obtaining water from the River Severn etc (all of which are less financially and environmentallly costly) were implemented properly there would be much more water than they need.


Undecided Planning Applications include:

  • King Alfred's East Site - P17/V2479/RM(updated January 2018) 150 homes on King Alfred's East Site
    Matters seeking approval are appearance, landscaping, layout and scale. The outline planning application was not an EIA application.
    The amendments include increasing distances from some of the properties in Fyfield Close and Lyneham Court to 21m as well as some changes to landscaping and boundaries. The number of visitors parking spaces has also been improved to 12 (nowhere near the 55 mentioned below) and there are still large areas of the development with no visitor spaces available.
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  • Monks Farm – Two current applications as part of a Local Plan Part 1 allocation of 885 dwellings:
    • P17/V2980/RM(30 October 2017) Land west of Station Road (A338) South of William F1 Grove
      Reserved Matter application for P15/V1722/O Residential development for 160 dwellings, together with associated access, landscaping and public open space, infrastructure (utilities) and biodiversity enhancements
    • P16/V0981/O(5 May 2016 and amended 2 January 2018) Monks Farm Townsend Grove
      Application for outline planning permission for up to 456 dwellings (now proposed to be 394 dwellings) and primary school (now an extension to Grove CE Primary), associated landscaping and infrastructure with all matters except access reserved.
      This will fill in the rest of the land around the cemetery from Denchworth Road to Williams F1 and Bellingers. This is subject to an objection from British Rail relating to the level crossings over the railway to the north of the development.
  • Crab Hill – 1,500 homes have outline permission and these applications start the detail:
    • P17/V2674/RM(24 October 2017) Reserved Matters application for infrastructure works for Phase 1B and Centre West of the Crab Hill development.
    • P17/V1499/RM(2 June 2017) Reserved Matters application for Phase 1A of the Crab Hill development of 70 dwellings with associated landscaping - Approved
  • East Hanney - 3 applications for the same site
    • P17/V2973/RM(1 November 2017) Land North of Summertown East Hanney
      Approval of details for construction of 45 dwellings (Use Class C3) and associated parking, infrastructure and landscaping, and provision of public open space.
    • P17/V2972/RM(1 November 2017) Land North of Summertown East Hanney
      Approval of details for construction of 55 dwellings (Use Class C3) and associated parking, infrastructure and landscaping, and provision of public open space.
    • P17/V2904/RM(30 October 2017) Land North of Summertown East Hanney
      Approval of details for construction of 50 dwellings (Use Class C3) and associated parking, infrastructure and landscaping, and provision of public open space.
  • Grove Airfield - Still 2500 homes and finally, the S106 agreement has been signed and the outline application approved. See (Vale Ref: P12/V0299/O) for details. A number of detailed applications are now submitted:
    • P17/V3071/DIS(22 November 2017) Discharge of conditions 11 - Construction and Environmental Management Plan and 19 - tree protection
    • P17/V3083/DIS(22 November 2017) Discharge of conditions 5 - phasing plan pre-commencement, 6 - housing delivery document, 8 - development brief - open space, 10 - archaeology, 22 - landscape management plan, 26 - landscape and ecological plan, 23 - noise protection, 32 - travel plan by phase or sub phase, 33 - Building Regulations reduction in CO2 emissions and 36 - information technology.
    • P17/V3130/FUL(17 November 2017) Variation of condition 7 to provide the development brief prior to the occupation of the 600th dwelling rather than before the submission of reserved matters adjoining the Local Centre
    • P17/V2807/RM(30 October 2017) Phase 1 Infrastructure: Vehicular, Cycle and Pedestrian Connections to serve first phases of development including Public Open Space, Landscaping, SuDS and Ancillary Infrastructure.
    • P17/V2753/RM(30 October 2017) Reserved matters approval for 191 dwellings including appearance, landscaping, layout and scale. The outline planning application was subject to EIA and was submitted to the planning authority at that time.
  • East Challow - two applications relating to 88 homes on Challow Park Farm and a detailed application for the 38 homes to be built on the old Highway depot at Challow Park.
    • P17/V2884/FUL(19 October 2017) 88 homes on land at Park Farm East Challow
      Variation of Conditions 9, 10, 11 and 15 and removal of Condition 8 of P16/V0652/O relating to matters of Archaeology, access into the site and ecology mitigation and enhancements. This is primarily relating to the change from a roundabout to a priority T junction at the entrance to the site.
      P17/V2031/RM(28 July 2017) Land at Park Farm, East Challow
      Reserved Matters application in respect of Land at Park Farm, East Challow. Seeking approval of the appearance, landscaping, scale and layout for the development. Pursuant to the permitted outline permission P16/V0652/O: Development of up to 88 dwellings including 40% affordable housing, landscaping and other associated works with all matters reserved with exception of access.
      An amended application plan was submitted on 23 August. Highways have objected. The proposed layout is considered to be unsatisfactory in the following respects –
      • Lack of access during scheme development;
      • Lack of visibilities at junctions and bends;
      • Incorrect highway adoption limits;
      • Service vehicle encroachments;
      • Excessive bin carry distance.

      Thames Water and Challow Parish Council have also objected on grounds of surface drainage.

    • P17/V2502/RM(20 September 2017) for Challow Park
      Reserved Matters Application for Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for a Residential Development of 38 Dwellings, including up to 13 Affordable Dwellings, with Associated Car Parking and Amenity Space and On-Site Public Open Space.
      Highway and Landscape comments are now in and both have significant objections (visitor parking isn’t sufficient, parking spaces not clearly indicated, swept path diagrams for refuse trucks use a vehicle which is shorter than the council standard. Landscape plans don’t meet those submitted in the Outline application.
  • West Hanney - P17/V1368/FUL (7 July 2017) Land off School Road and Winter Lane West Hanney
    Erection of 35 Dwellings (Additional supporting documentation received on 1 and 2 August 2017).The development of 15 homes off School Road, West Hanney which has already been approved is proposed for expansion and to join up with Winter Lane. West Hanney object.
    The comment from West Hanney Council includes:

    Oxfordshire County Council's 'Response to the Application' requires under section 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 . . . . .'speed surveys to be carried out over a continuous seven day period in a neutral month'. Later on the very day the speed cables were laid a mass of mud appeared on the road from the proposed new development entrance. Furthermore something we have never known before in this village happened. Large signs appeared saying 'SLOW - MUD ON ROAD'. Call us paranoid if you must but what a coincidence! Suddenly part of the field right next to the site, that has been grass for probably 30 years or more, had to be ploughed!


Wantage Community Hospital has closed temporarily to in-patients in July 2016. It will not reopen until 2018. Maternity services remain on site.

The Oxford Health NHS Trust has closed the hospital to in-patients now even through the bacteria found in the hospital last year had been eradicated in January 2016 and there is no risk to patients at the current time. It appears that this situation has been very badly managed and we, the community who use the hospital services, are the ones to suffer.
For the facts associated with the closure see here:[show more]


The Police Counter in Wantage Library has closed from the end of March 2016

Quote from Thames Valley Police:[show more]


Vale District Council commits to a feasibility study on a "new Settlement in the Vale"

At the Council meeting on 16th July 2014 the Councillors agreed to commit to a feasibility study and a public consultation for one or more new settlements in the Vale as solutions to our long term need for housing. This is outside work on the Local Plan so in addition to the 20,560 which are in the Local Plan, we could expect a further development of up to 30,000 new homes. This could double the number of homes in the Vale in the next 20 years. Where will the funding for the infrastructure required come from?


Little boxes on the hillside ....[show more]


Open Letter to Matthew Barber, [show detail]

And his reply.


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