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Annual General Meeting 2019

Our AGM took take place on Wednesday 15 March.

"Communities objecting to development are among the last remaining defenders of an interventionist planning system.”
says Dr Quintin Bradley.
He goes on to say “Opposition to housing development points to the irrationality of contemporary planning for housing:

  • The fact that in some places most new homes are just converted from office blocks without the need for planning permission, with families housed on industrial estates, without play areas, or even pedestrian walkways
  • The fact that housing targets now bear no relation to housing need and that almost all new housing goes to feed a bottomless demand for investment rather than for a place to call home
  • And that protected environments are being allocated for housing, not because more land is needed, but because house-builders are able to play the system to get access to the highest value land.”
Dr Bradley's presentation is available here and an article based on his presentation is available here.

OX12 Survey

Survey to Plan for the future Health and Care needs in Wantage and Grove (OX12)

This survey to find out what services (NHS, Social Care local authority and voluntary) are currently being used, where those services are provided from and where people have to travel to access them has now closed. We belive that over 1,250 people have completed it and we hope to find out the results soon.
This information will be used to help shape the way services are planned and delivered to more effectively meet people’s health and care needs in the future.

What are we campaigning about?

Some 6,200 houses are in the pipeline for Wantage, Grove and the surrounding villages. More may soon follow.

Government guidelines say that development should be "sustainable". We do not think it is sustainable to put thousands of houses where medical facilities are increasingly inadequate, schools are virtually above capacity, there is little employment in the area, and roads to where there is employment are unsuited to commuting.

We came together to campaign for a better deal for our area. As it says in our Aims:

We are not against any development in Wantage and Grove but:

  • Developments should be proportionate and sustainable
  • The infrastructure should enhance and improve quality of life for its residents

Keep informed

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Oxfordshire Joint Spatial Strategy 2050

The consultation on the first stage, introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, closed on 25 March 2019. For more details see our Oxfordshire 2050 Plan page.

For a view from CPRE see their website

Local Plan 2031 Part 2 update

After the inspection of the plan last summer, the Inspector published his final comments in December and the Vale has now published a revised plan for consultation. For details see our Local Plan page.


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