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Grove Airfield Planning Application

The outline applicationhas been recommended for approval by the District Council.

The outline application is for 2,500 dwellings on the former Airfield with a mix of market and affordable houses and flats. In addition to the housing, the application includes a new district centre which will include a supermarket, other shops, a library and other community facilities. Also included are plans for two primary schools, a secondary school, playing fields, other large areas of open space and the realignment of Denchworth Road to the south.

The approval of this application will fix certain parameters:-

  • Amount of development on the site 2,500 units
  • Density of the various areas with 55 units/hectare being the highest
  • Scale of units – highest 3 storeys but then mentioned possibly 3.5 or 4 at the community centre
  • The location of the main roads within the site
  • Green areas and their location within  the site.

BUT: detailed applications (officially called "Reserved Matters") for the exact number, style and location of the buildings etc. will have to be approved before anything can be built.

Planning staff have been given authority to agree the detail of the S106 (approx. £49.5m) and the conditions (approx. 65).

The recommendations approved by our elected Councillors agreed that “outline planning permission be granted subject to the provision of, in the order of, 35% affordable housing on the site (of which 30% shall be affordable rented) and the completion and signing of a S106 agreement to secure the following infrastructure:

  • Outdoor sports and green infrastructure; including sports pitches, pavilion, floodlit training area, Neighbourhood Areas Equipped for Play (NEAPs) and Local Areas Equipped for Play (LEAPs). Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAs), Allotments, Cemetery and sums for landscape maintenance and mitigation of farmland birds:
  • Indoor sports and leisure hub; including swimming pool, sports hall, artificial grass pitch, enhancements to existing skate park and tennis courts:
  • Community hub (incorporating the social, community, recreational and welfare requirements of the new community); including a sum for management, a children’s centre, Library, adult learning facilities, youth facilities, parish council offices and a community development officer:
  • Other community infrastructure; including waste collection and recycling, street naming and numbering, police, public art, social and health care (note this comes below public art) and museum:
  • Education; two primary schools, a secondary school and special needs education funding:
  • Strategic highways and transport; strategic bus services, Wantage Eastern Relief Road and Northern Relief Road (Hurrah!):
  • And finally local labour and training scheme, and costs of District and County Council monitoring.”
Let’s hope that this infrastructure arrives in Grove eventually but don’t hold your breath because the normal practice is that the developers only pay when the houses are built and sold and unless they build things we have to wait for the County and District Councils.


It is anticipated that the first homes will be built in 2017 at the earliest. This means the schools will probably not be ready for use until 2019-2020.

The proposals comprise a major urban extension to the large rural village of Grove of approximately 139 hectares.

According to the Application: "The development will be split into three phases. There will be in the order of 500 dwellings in Phase 1, 1000 dwellings in phase 2 and 1,000 phases in phase 3."
"The development will be built out over 10 years on an average of 250 dwellings per year, with building work starting in Autumn 2013. It is envisaged that the development will be completed by 2023."


Road Improvements [show detail]

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Energy Efficiency [show detail]

Flood Risk [show detail]

Grove Parish Council commentson the application, including some useful FAQ's

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