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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


Neighbourhood development plans

A neighbourhood development plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, like:

  • where new homes and offices should be built
  • what they should look like

The plan can be detailed or general, depending what local people want.

Neighbourhood plans allow local people to get the right type of development for their community, but the plans must still meet the needs of the wider area. In most cases this will mean that neighbourhood plans will have to take into account the local council’s assessment of housing and other development needs in the area and the VOWH Local Plan.

Neighbourhood planning will be led by the local parish or town council.

Thame was one of the first communities to get a neighbourhood plan in place.  As a front runner, the South Oxfordshire District Council and Thame Town Council have pioneered the process of developing neighbourhood plans. Their experience with the process and with working together provides invaluable advice to help other councils  to work effectively on translating community aspirations into plans for the future. - See the Case Study

Community Infrastructure Levy

Parishes with a neighbourhood plan will receive 25% of any Community Infrastructure Levy or Section 106 money from any developer arising from developments in their area compared to parishes without a neighbourhood plan who will receive 15%.

Role of the local planning authority

The local planning authority has a duty to support communities making their neighbourhood plan. For example, it will organise the independent examination of the neighbourhood development plan, neighbourhood development order or Community Right to Build order. This is to check that the plan or order meets certain minimum conditions.

The local planning authority is responsible for organising the neighbourhood planning referendum. The referendum ensures that the local community has the final say on whether a neighbourhood development plan, neighbourhood development order or a Community Right to Build order comes into force in their area.


Wantage Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the District Council for approval on 22 December 2015 see their website for more detail.

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