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Background to Planning Issues


Planning issues need be addressed at a number of levels;

Town/ Parish Councils - have influence but no power to change anything. [show detail]


Vale of the White Horse District Council - can decide where in the Vale the new houses should go but have little (if any) influence over how many houses should be built, they can sort out our leisure facilities. [show detail]


Oxfordshire County Council - can make decisions on highways, schools, social services etc. [show detail]


Oxfordshire Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Partnership (SPIP) - decides how many houses are required in Oxfordshire and which District they should be in. [show detail]


Central Government - decides the strategy and says every local authority has a duty, first and foremost, to meet objectively assessed housing need. [show detail]


Planning Inspectors - approve the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood plans - or not if they don't like them and adjudicate on planning appeals. [show detail]


In Summary:

As John Gummer, Lord Deben, put so succinctly in a recent article:

1. We do need to build more homes

2. We need all the agricultural land we can get if we want to feed ourselves

3. Sustainable communities are a crucial part of our battle against climate change

4. The revolution in commercial activity and retailing will make fundamental changes to the urban landscape

5. The long-held Treasury belief that the shortage of housing is the result of the planning system is not true.


BUT 6,000 new houses in Wantange and Grove of which more than half will be on good quality agricultural land at least 10 miles from employment with little public transport is not sustainable. People will need cars to get to work and many will work in the Science Vale in jobs where working from home is not an option. They will drive to school, work and the local shopping centres on roads which are close to capacity without cycle ways or footpaths to centres which do not have enough parking spaces and this in a district which already has some of the highest carbon emissions of any district in the South East. This cannot be sustainable in any objectively assessed way.


Is the NPPF delivering planning for people?

Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) researchfound that 60 per cent of respondents disagree or strongly disagree that the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has had a positive impact on their ability to deliver a Local Plan that reflects local needs and priorities. Many of the 400,000 sites nationally that have planning permission are likely to be excluded from a council’s deliverable five-year housing supply on the basis that they are currently considered economically unviable for development. Many are brownfield sites that are less profitable to develop than greenfield sites.


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