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Building houses on Old Icknield school site is extremely short sighted [show detail]

Sustainability factors include overburdened Medical Practices [show detail]

New Dwellings approved to date is 6,153 - Total Madness [show detail]

Are there no initiatives to bring jobs to Wantage and Grove themselves? [show detail]

Why didn't Highways resurfacing follow the gasworks? [show detail]

Councils should build a Garden City and not overwhelm our Towns and Villages [show detail]

Concerned about the removal of mature trees [show detail]

Beware of dishonest developers and estate agents [show detail]

You can't double the number of houses in Wantage without proper infrastructure. [show detail]

I am horrified at the huge number of houses without any infrastructure [show detail]

This development will have access onto a busy road where a youth was killed [show detail]

You just couldn’t make this up, it is so absurd. [show detail]

Quality of life [show detail]

We are constantly amazed that Planners continue to give permission [show detail]

Road Closures are barely worth moaning about [show detail]

Don't turn our villages into towns [show detail]

Water Voles & Grass Snakes to be displaced by housing [show detail]

Chaos on the A417 AGAIN! [show detail]

It's all about Profit for Developers [show detail]

Everyone totally ignores the instructions from the Planning Minister [show detail]

Are our planners insane? [show detail]

If roads are too busy, can't the station be opened? [show detail]

Monks Farm is not wetland? [show detail]

Nobody Wants This Monster on Our Door Step [show detail]

Keep up the good work! [show detail]

Dubious forecasts in the Local Plan [show detail]

few places will face such an expansion [show detail]

Do we need a riot? [show detail]

A Garden City? [show detail]

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