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East Challow Planning Applications


East Challow will change!

East Challow is a small village about 1 mile from the western edge of Wantage. It has a thriving primary school and village pub but limited other amenities. It is divided by the A417.

Two developments have already been granted planning permission in the village; The Nalder Estate development are building 71 homes (see no 2 on the map) and permission is outstanding to build 14 homes on the old Country Club site in Woodhill Lane (see no 1 on the map). Bovis has submitted a planning application for 50 homes behind Windmill Place (see no 3 on the map) and a further application has been recommended for approval for 36 homes on Challow Park (see no 4 on the map and "Filling the gap" below). There is an application for a further development on Park Farm (see no 5 on the map) for 88 homes.

According to the 2011 census East Challow had a population of 769 and 313 homes and these applications will add 260 additional homes so these applications add over 80% to the size of the village and won't add useful things like a small shop or post-office.


Behind Windmill Place circa 50 homes (3)

The application is in for 50 houses on land off Windmill Place East Challow, for details see the Planning Application. This is not land allocated for development in the draft Local Plan and is strongly opposed by local residents.

The most interesting comment is that from an officer at the County Council:
"Sustainability; There are no local shops to serve the day to day needs of the new residents. The need to catch a bus to get a pint of milk is not a feature of a sustainable development"

See our comments [show detail]

Also the comments from Thames Water [show detail]


Filling the gap (4)

A planning application for up to 36 dwellings on land at Challow Park (including former Council depot) Challow Road (A417) between Wantage and East Challow on the site of the old council yard (see no 4 on the map) was recommended for approval at the Planning Committee on 15 February see P15/V2545/O for details.


Park Farm - East Challow (5). An outline application for the development of up to 88 dwellings has now been submitted. See (Vale Ref: P16/V0652/O) for details. This will fill the gap between Challow Park and East Challow Village and require the creation of a roundabout on the A338 in the village.


Nalder Estate - 71 homes

The Nalder Estate development was given permission on 19th April 2013 to build 71 homes on a site which is partially in employment use and partially greenfield. This site is now being built.
Across the 3.23ha site, the 71 dwelling units will produce a density of 30 dwellings per hectare. A total of 28 of the dwellings (40%) will be affordable housing (7 of these will be shared ownership but will be 2 and 3 bedroom houses suitable for 4 and 5 occupants). 16 of the dwellings are 1 or 2 bedroom properties and all of these will be affordable homes. The remaining 12 affordable homes will be 3 bedrooms. Market properties will be 3-5 bedrooms. There will be a small landscaped public open space in the middle of the estate. There will also be a "Work of Art" on the site paid for by the developers.

We do not know how many jobs will be lost as a result of the development.

The Highways department made some comments:
There are two main concerns relating to the proposal from a highway and transport perspective.
The first is the location of the site being some distance from local amenities such as local shops. This will require residents to drive for most journeys even for minor requirements such as buying milk, bread or newspapers.
The second and perhaps more pressing concern relates to the access junction on the A417. There is an incline on the access road up to the major road and visibility is restricted in both directions. Whilst the access is in a 30mph area it is on the limit of the residential area and vehicles are accelerating into more open country or leaving the open country into the built up area. There is also a high percentage of HGV’s.

We believe that some highway calming measures will be provided by the developers but have been unable to find the details.


Challow Country Club, Woodhill Lane - 14 homes (no affordable requirement)

Detail to follow.



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