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 A draft Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is available on the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) website and comments can be submitted until 9.00am on Monday 20 February.

 In summary the strategy focuses on “a Good Start in life, Living Well, Ageing Well and Tackling wider issues that determine health”:

  1. a Good start in life;
    Shift the focus to prevention and early help through real partnerships between Schools and NHS Primary care working together with local, targeted and specialist services and using resources effectively.
  2. Living well;
    Shift the focus to prevention, enabling people to get the information and support they need to make healthy choices. Nurture healthy communities where people are able to participate, contribute and be healthy. Identify disease early and help people to manage their long-term conditions. Deliver effective and high-quality services which are efficient and joined up and make sure people are involved in the design and evaluation of services.
  3. Aging well;
    Focus on prevention, reduce the need for treatment and delay the need for care by helping people to manage long term conditions. Use innovative and appropriate aids, equipment and services. Ensure services are effective, efficient and joined up and that the market for provider organisations is sustainable. Help people to maintain their independence and remain active in later life. Work in multi-speciality teams to ensure frail older people are cared for in the community.
  4. Tackling wider issues that determine health:
    Work together to reduce demand for reactive services and shift the focus to prevention. This will improve quality of life for residents and also contribute to the financial sustainability of public services.

 You can comment on the strategy in several ways:

  1. Go to the consultation page https://consult.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/consult.ti/HealthWellbeing/consultationHome
  2. request a copy of the Strategy and questionnaire to fill out by hand on 01865 334638 and send to: FREEPOST OXFORDSHIRE CLINICAL COMMISSIONING GROUP (No further address details required)
  3. Send an email titled ‘Draft Oxfordshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy ’ to: OCCG.talking.health@nhs.net
  4. Download and print off the questionnaire https://consult.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/consult.ti/HealthWellbeing/consultationHome and return to the above Freepost address

 The Questionnaire survey is open until 9.00am on Monday 20 February

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