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The Care/Nursing Home Planning Application for Mably Way

- This application has been refused and an appeal has been Lodged

The Appeal hearing is 12 November


The Appeal hearing will take the form of a hearing will be held at Council Chamber Council Offices Abbey House Abingdon on 12th November 2013 and starts at 10am. The hearing will be a structured informal discussion led by the Inspector. You can attend the hearing and, at the Inspector's discretion, speak if you wish.
The written statements submitted by the council and the appellant for the hearing are now available on the council's website under the application reference P13/V0143/FUL.The Appeal is accessible from the Planning Inspectorate Website and anyone can add comments which will be read by the inspector. To access the appeal follow this link;Planning Inspectorate Appeal No 2199216.


This is a final planning application for the erection of two storey 60 bed residential nursing/care home (class C2) with private gardens, associated vehicle parking and servicing area in the area behind the Mably Way Health Centre - see the image for where it is proposed to be.

To make sense of the whole position re the proposed new Care Home on the Health Centre site, it is essential that we look back to when the Health Centre was planned, built and opened. It was built because there wasn't room to expand on the old site near the hospital.

Since the Health Centre was opened there have been in excess of 1500 new homes built in the area, with very little improvement to the local infrastructure. The car parking at The Health Centre is just adequate at the moment, but would be very overused if even the planned two new 'legs' of the Health Centre are built to allow for the present increases in patient numbers - with no allowance for increases in residential units already planned/approved.

The two practices in the Health Centre in Mably Way, Newbury Street and Church Street, are both essentially full. Grove is the only practice with any theoretical space but not on it's current site so they would like to add a 'Grove' wing to Mably Way to provide the most appropriate provision for the area taking account of any growth.

We can't do any better than to quote the comments of the Practice Manager of the Church Street practice: [show detail]

As far as we have seen there are NO plans for medical facilities on either the The Monks Farm or Crab Hill developments, but they will add over 5000 residential units to Wantage/Grove.

From the above it seems obvious that only extensions to the Health Centre should be permitted on this site, not a new care/nursing home. See our comment to the Planning Application: [show detail]

The opportunity to comment on this Planning Application has now closed
See the Vale District Council page to see comments submitted: Nursing/Care Home North of the Health Centre on Mably Way this application has been refused.

To express an opinion, see below.

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