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There are plans to build a Lidl store in the gap between Wantage and Grove.

For the application see (P18/V2300/FUL).

Although another supermarket (with parking) would be useful. This is in the wrong place.

The site is currently a green field just north of the Mably Roundabout.
Green gap
The plan looks very different:
Lidl location

The Vale Local Plan protects gaps between settlements and this is a very small gap between Wantage and Grove which is about to get even smaller.

There are also access issues. This is far enough away from most of Wantage and Grove that almost everyone will drive there. Grove Road is already congested and this supermarket with parking for 125 cars close to a bus stop and pedestrian crossing will add to the congestion.

See our Wantage and Grove Map for detailed locations.

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