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Vale of the White Horse District Council Local Plan 2031

The consultation on the Local Plan 2031 (part 1) has not opened yet, but documents are starting to appear on the Vale Council website. A number of Consultations are launched this Friday 7th November and then you have 6 weeks!

  • Local Plan 2031 part 1- the first part of the updated local plan, showing any developments across the Vale where they want developers to build more than 200 homes. It also lists what infrastructure the Vale thinks it will need to support at least 20,560 new homes. [show detail]

    This is our last chance to comment on the Plan Part 1 and our only chance to comment on the Economic Forecast and the Strategic Housing Assessment which are the basis for these fantastic growth projections!

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)- The government has decided that the CIL approach to funding strategic infrastructure delivery is fairer, faster, provides more certainty and is more transparent than the current system of funding under section 106 which are negotiated on a site by site basis. VoWH is now publishing a list of the CIL charges they're proposing to make on new developments across the district, for you to comment on.
  • Design Guide- VoWH are also consulting on a new planning Design Guide which can be applied to anything from a small extension to a large housing development as well as non-residential development to minimise the impact on the character of our towns and villages.

We are holding a meeting at the Beacon on 19th November to explain the background to some of this and what the consultations mean for Wantage and Grove – so come along at 7pm to hear what we have to say.


See Local Plan 2031

The Local Plan Part 1 has been updated based on two key documents which have been produced recently.

  1. The Oxfordshire Economic Forecasting Final Report
    This suggests that new economic growth projects are expected to result in employment growth in the Vale of 23,000 jobs between 2011-31. However, between 2011 and 2014 growth has been nil so we are sceptical about this projection.
  2. The Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment
    This used the new Economic Forecast as a base and then identified a need for up to 20,560 new homes in the Vale between 2011 and 2031. This is an increase of 7,430 on the figures used in the draft plan released in 2013.
We believe that these figures are optimistic in the least and probably no more accurate than the 2008 report which made provision for growth of around 14,300 new jobs, including 143 hectares of employment land, and at least 13,294 new homes during the plan period from 2006 to 2029.

A recent decision by a Planning Inspector in Blaby, Leicestershire, called into question SHMAs and their reliance on LEP economic figures.[show more]

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