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Comments on the Vale of the White Horse District Council Local Plan 2029

The consultation on the Local Plan 2029 (LPP1) has closed

The Local Plan (part 1) is available from the District Council website.. The Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2029 will comprise Part 1: Strategic Sites and Policies, and Part 2 : Detailed Policies and Local Sites. Part 1 has been published and issued to libraries and councils on 28th February. The supporting documents were published on 28th March and the consultation closed six weeks later on 9th May. It is based on the old core strategy.

In summary our comments are:

  1. The figures for housing need identified in the Plan are based on unsound principles and are substantially too high.
  2. Because of their different characters and the poor communication between them, Wantage and Grove and their surrounding villages should be treated as a separate sub-area for the purposes of planning from Milton Park, Harwell Oxford and the Didcot fringe.
  3. Allocating housing disproportionately to Wantage and Grove is inappropriate because employment will be elsewhere and there are inadequate transport links to the areas of employment.
  4. Inadequate attention has been paid to problems of flooding at the strategic sites around Wantage and Grove.
  5. Wantage and Grove currently lack adequate facilities in terms of education, health, leisure, public transport and roads. There should be no plans for a significant increase in the population of this area without substantial enhancement of this infrastructure as a pre-condition. It is not sufficient to rely on minor developer-funded improvements staged over a long period.
  6. No emphasis is given to the protection and rejuvenation of Wantage Town Centre even though Botley and Abingdon have separate policy statements.
  7. The Plan fails to respect the spirit of the National Planning Policy Framework in relation to proximity of homes to work, greenhouse gas emissions and the need to find ways to enhance and improve the places in which people live their lives



To read our comments in detail, please download this PDF file 469K


The Vale will be submitting the final version of the local plan in December of this year. They say that there will be another consultation before then, based on the latest local housing need evidence available at the time.

To stay up to date with the progress of the Local Plan and the consultation, people can register to receive regular updates via the Vale Community - an email mailing list run by the Vale. Send an email with the subject header of SUBSCRIBE to localplan@whitehorsedc.gov.uk to register with the council.

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