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Vale of the White Horse District Council Local Plan 2031 Examination

Mr Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI (Planning Inspector) has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the Local Plan 2031 Part 1. The examination is in two stages:.


The Stage 1 hearing took place in September 2015 and covered the following issues: [show detail]


In his Stage 2 hearings between the 2nd and 19th February in the Ridgeway Room of The Beacon. The Inspector will look at a number of issues: [show detail]


For access to all relevant documents go to Vale of White Horse Local Plan - see Local Plan 2031

This is the first part of the updated local plan, showing any developments across the Vale where they want developers to build "strategic developments" of more than 200 homes. It also lists what infrastructure the Vale thinks it will need to support at least 20,560 new homes.

Our initial comments:

  • Housing numbers have increased by 50% to 20,560 from the draft plan 2029!
  • The overall requirements are based on a very optimistic forecast for the whole of Oxfordshire which suggests that we will have an economic recovery that makes up lost ground getting back to the pre 2008 growth projections and that we can exceed that in Oxfordshire by a growth rate of 44% in new jobs across the County - most of these being in the Science Vale
  • The plan assumes that building all these new homes will reduce the prices of homes in Oxfordshire to make them more affordable - totally ignoring the fact the developers won't build if they can't maintain or improve their profitability
  • The plan also assumes that infrastructure will be funded by the new developments and doesn't allow for the huge step-change in infrastructure required to cope with the 70% growth in housing expected around Wantage and Grove.


Some of the detailed documents which form part of the Local Plan are available via the following links. [show detail]


Our comments to the final consultation on the Local Plan Part 1 and the associated documents prior to it being submitted to the Inspector were submitted by 19th December 2014[show detail]

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