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Old Station Road (Monks Farm) Planning Application


Initially the draft Local Plan 2029 included a strategic Site north of Grove for 750 homes and provided a route for the Northern Relief Road for Grove.

  1. First there was a planning application for 133 homes south of Bellingers garage (see 1 on the little map). The outline application for 133 homes off Old Station Road was recommended for approval by the District Council on 12 December 2012 but the decision was only formalised on 11 February 2014 after more than 12 months. As this approval included a planning condition which required the detailed application to be submitted within 18 months, Savills have recently renewed the application.
    These are pictures of the site for the planned 133 houses, south of the Bellingers garage taken on 7 February 2014. These indicate the vast amount of water this site retains. No SUDS system is likely to contain a fraction of this volume. We will be interested in seeing exactly how they intend to deal with this quantity of water without pushing it somewhere else.
    This site has now received full planning approval and building has started.

    Old Station Road Old Station Road Old Station Road
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  2. In March 2014, an outline application for 75 homes west of Bellingers Garage was submitted. This site joins on the the site already approved. This was approved in April 2015 with detailed planning required within 3 years (see 2 on the little map). The detailed application is now under consideration
  3. On 20 July 2015 a third application has been submitted for up to 160 more new homes (the area marked as 3 on the map). The outline application has been approved.
  4. On 5 May 2016 a further application has been submitted for the 456 dwellings (see 4 on the map) This will fill in the rest of the land around the cemetery from Denchworth Road to Williams F1 and Bellingers. See (Vale Ref: P16/V0981/O) for more details.
  5. Now the Local Plan Part 1 has been modified to make the whole area suitable for 883 new homes (see the area bounded by the black line on the little map) so there are another 32 homes to be built within the Local Plan Allocation.

Monks Farm SiteSo we have approved applications for 368 homes and an application submitted for a further 456 homes - there will be 2 more separate road junctions with the A338. So between the Oxford Lane and the Williams Roundabout there will be three entrances onto the A338:

  1. The Northern Relief Road
  2. Bellingers Garage and brewery
  3. Second housing estate.


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