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Oxfordshire Plan 2050

In 2018, the Oxfordshire authorities signed the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal with the government, securing guaranteed funding for affordable housing, infrastructure and economic growth in Oxfordshire.

As part of this deal, the Oxfordshire authorities have agreed to produce a plan for the whole of the county, which will guide development in the area up to the year 2050.

Like the Strategy Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) produced in 2014, the Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP or Oxfordshire Plan 2050) will identify the number of new market and affordable homes, the level of economic growth and related infrastructure that is needed across Oxfordshire, but it will do more than that.
The Plan’s strategic policies will cover the following matters:

The first consultation considers the issues that the Oxfordshire Plan should deal with, a vision for the plan and a series of objectives and aspirations to guide the plan to 2050. It closed on 25 March 2019. To see our response, click here

As CPRE states the Plan "takes as read the 100,000 houses our Local Councils have already signed up to deliver by the mid-2030s (in exchange for £215 million from the Government) – a 40% growth in housing stock. Although not spelt out in the Plan, after 2031, the Oxford-Cambridge growth corridor proposals envisage another 250,000 or so houses - doubling Oxfordshire's housing stock and population by 2050. The inevitable conclusion is that this is not a plan for us – Oxfordshire residents of a rural county – but a plan for developers and big business."

For the rest of their comments see their website

The consultation document also explores the potential strategies for where to put all the additional new homes in the Plan.
It suggests a range of options, for example, concentration on existing towns and villages, providing new towns or spreading growth across the county or a combination of these options. We are asked to give our views on which is most appropriate.

The places where homes could be put in the Vale will have a significant impact on our communities:

 You can respond to this consultation in a number of ways.

  • Fill in the online questionnaire which is based on the discussion points in the 'Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan' consultation document
  • Input comments directly to the structured document on the website. It's at the very bottom of the page. You may comment on any part of the plan (This is their preferred method of response) 
  • Email your comments to the Oxfordshire Plan Team at info@oxfordshireplan.org 
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