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Questions asked and Answers given

We have asked a number of questions of the various Councils and MP's - some answers are useful, others less so.

If you do ask questions of any of the Councils or Councillors, please "cc" them to us and we will publish the question and response.


Homes in 2006 - starting point for the Local Plan [show detail]- updated 19 June

Councillor Lilly [show detail]- updated 18 April

Rowstock Feasibility Study [show detail] - updated 10 April

School places in Wantage and Grove [show detail] - updated 11 April

Cost of improving and maintaining Roads [show detail] - updated 30 March

Further Consultations [show detail] - no response from Matthew Barber yet

Challenging the Housing Target [show detail] - updated 4 April

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment [show detail] - updated 4 April

Current number of homes [show detail] - updated 15 April

The planning regime introduced by this Government presumes in favour of the developer [show detail]- updated 12 April

Care home places [show detail] - updated 11 April

School Places [show detail] - updated 23 March

Jobs in the Science Vale? [show detail] - updated 21 March

Over 80% affordable homes at St Mary's [show detail] - updated 11 April

Jobs in Wantage and Grove [show detail] - updated 8 March

Housing Needs Evidence [show detail] - updated 12 March

A Housing Crisis? [show detail] - updated 16 March

A Series of Topic Papers? [show detail] - updated 28 March

Heavy Vehicle Movements [show detail] - response by 21 April

Housing List [show detail] - No answer from Grove yet

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