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And Another Application for Stockham Farm

Now Phase 3 - Dandara has submitted an application and consultation is in progress. Go to Stockham Park Farm Phase 3 for details.

See their website at http://stockhamfarm.info/ contact them info@stockhamfarm.info or call 0800 019 2054


Phase 2: following the approval of planning permission for 200 new homes at Stockham Park Farm last year, Dandara has applied for Full Planning Permission for 90 new homes and enhanced landscaping along the canal on land to the north-west of the development approved by the Vale of White Horse planning committee in November 2012. This is Stockham Farm Phase 2. Details can be found on the Council website with application reference P13/V1826/FUL. This application was considered by the Planning Committee on 15 January 2014, the recommended approval subject to agreement of conditions and financial contributions. Agreement has now been reached and building can start - for details of the funding under the section 106 agreements with the Vale and County see the planning applicaion on the Vale website.


Phase 1: development was granted with the conditions that "The development to which this permission relates shall be begun not later than the expiration of ONE year from the date of this permission. Construction on site shall be at build-out rate (of completed and fitted out dwellings) to be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority within two months of the issue of the permission." (dated 28th March 2013). No build-out rate has been provided and the developer had omitted to forward the phasing plan to the Planning Department until we requested it. This has been raised with them by the Planning Officer as poor practice. However apparently this is considered a "procedural issue" which does not result in a significant concern to the rolling out of the development on site in planning terms. This will not nullify the permission as issued.

Bovis had submitted and then withdrawn their application to the council for discharge of condition 2 of the Planning Permission which changes some of the designs of the properties to standard Bovis designs. We believe that this was because the increase in the number of bedrooms in the properties would have meant a larger Section 106 Contribution. The application didn't make clear what the differences were but does show separate plans for garages and a larger number of bedrooms in some properties.See Application

Bovis has been asked by the Council to stop cutting down trees on land at Stockham Park Farm as it breached the planning consent specifiying these hedges and trees should be left except where felling needed for the new entrance splays. It can not begin work until a further arboricultural statement has been submitted. Unfortunately this is too late for most of the trees on the site. The response from the Council was that they had closed their investigation because as the site is not in a conservation area and the trees are not protected by a Tree Preservation Order or specifically by a planning condition, then the applicant was in their rights to remove vegetation. However, a landscaping scheme was subsequently submitted, which included the replanting of trees along Denchworth Road.

Bovis have also submitted an application to the council for discharge of conditions 3, 4 and 5 of the Planning Permission: [show detail]

See here for the detailed application and the associated drawings.


The planning application for "Land at Stockham Farm Denchworth Road Wantage" was approved at the The Vale Planning Meeting on 7 November 2012. The application was approved subject to the development being begun not later than the expiration of ONE year from the date of this permission [28 March 2013]. Construction on site shall be at build-out rate (of completed and fitted out dwellings) to be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority within two months. What does sustainable development mean when there are no jobs and no school places and planning applications are still approved?


Description of the development [show detail]


Reason for the Decision [show detail]


Not rural any more and will reduce housing waiting list in Oxford City says the Planning Committee [show detail]


The Council has a responsibility to ensure that Local Plans should meet objectively assessed needs, with sufficient flexibility to adapt to rapid change. The "needs" are difficult to identify - no jobs, no school places etc.

  • The regional allocations for building new homes have been abolished so there is no longer a target set by the Government.
  • The promised jobs are not materialising. 339 additional jobs would be required to make this development sustainable.
  • 50 school places are required and there are no school places available - a new classroom recently opened at Charlton is already full.
  • Housing footprints equate to = 0.75ha (750sqm) and private rear garden areas = 1.71 ha (1,682.7sqm) so on average each house will have a rear garden 2.25 times the footprint of the house. We may need more allotments to ensure a green approach!


Paragraph 47 of the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF) requires the Local Authority to "meet the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in the housing market area" - we believe that there is not a objectively assessed need for more housing in Wantage at the moment.

AND: Paragraph 49 of the NPPF requires "Housing applications should be considered in the context of the presumption in favour of sustainable development." This means jobs, schools, drainage, community facilities etc should be available to create a need for housing development - where are the jobs and school places?


If the Airfield development isn't built there will be no new Schools, no new Leisure Centre or Community Centre. If it is built, these school places will be two miles from Stockham Park Farm. The Council keep approving new developments without requiring these things to be built.

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