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The Dandara Application for 90 homes at Stockham Farm Phase 2 was recommended for approval at the Planning meeting last night. It doesn't matter that it closes the gap between Phase 1 and Crown. It doesn't matter that the Planning Committee has already approved 2,700 homes in Grove. The requirement in the NPPF states that it is important to ensure that there is a reasonable prospect that planned infrastructure is deliverable in a timely fashion. Grove Airfield infrastructure is unlikely to be built before 2018 and this development must be started within 2 years so where will the school places come from?

We don't know why we have a planning committee. They seem to believe that they have to approve everything and the way that the Officers present the applications suggests that they are working closely with the developers. All 47 comments from residents were squeezed into one paragraph which wasn't even mentioned!

The Housing Need figure that they are working towards hasn't been updated since last July (think what damage they have done since then). If we haven't fulfilled a number that the Officers haven't calculated since last July (regardless that there has been 11 planning committees since then) any application has to be approved because if they don't it will be approved on appeal. Is this really how the design of our local community is managed?

Full planning permission for 90 homes has now been granted - the decision notice with full conditions is available of the District Council's Website. The Section 106 agreement is now available and requires contributions before occupation of more than 50% of the general market housing. The Decision requires 36 affordable homes so that means there will be 54 general market homes. it is a separate agreement to that with the County Council for funding of schools, highways etc. which is not yet available.

Conditions included in the decision relate to: [show detail]

We are also concerned for the wildlife on the site. Great Crested Newts have been seen there as have Barn Owls. These are fully protected by law under the 1981 wildlife and countryside act. Protection for Newts and Bats are included in the permission but no mention of Barn Owls.

Details can be found on the Council website with application reference P13/V1826/FUL.

The Dandara Application for 90 homes at Stockham Farm Phase 2 comes to the committee with a staff recommendation for acceptance.To see the detail go to the Agenda for the meetingAs the report to the planning committee states:

6.9 Local concern has been expressed that the proposal would cause traffic congestion and existing roads surrounding the site are unsuitable for more traffic. However, there are no objections from the County Engineer on traffic generation or highway safety grounds. Similarly there is considered to be no harmful impact to other users of Downsview Road (i.e. Crown Packaging) arising from this development. Furthermore, the land is not required for any future link road westwards to the A417 as alternative routes could be provided along the existing Downsview Road. The development is therefore acceptable in terms of highways.
6.10 Paragraph 109 of the NPPF says that “the planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment”. The site is designated under policy NE10 as important open land between Wantage, Grove and East Challow. This policy is fully consistent with the framework and seeks to safeguard the separate identities of these neighbouring settlements and aims to prevent their coalescence. The site if developed would therefore be contrary to policy NE10.

6.19 The applicant has provided comprehensive surveys / reports in relation to protected species within the site. The plans have also been amended to ensure habitats are created / protected. Subject to further work prior to commencement of development (see Countryside Officer’s comments) the proposed mitigation measures are considered acceptable and the relevant licence tests are considered to have been met. Vale of White Horse District Council – Committee Report – 15 January 2014
However, members need to be aware the proposed habitat works will take longer than 12 months. It is therefore suggested that the time limit for implementation is set at two years in this case which will still ensure the quick delivery of the site to address the housing shortfall without harming protected species. Any impact on other wildlife (i.e. that is not protected under EU directives or UK law) is considered acceptable.

See their website at http://stockhamfarm.info/ contact them info@stockhamfarm.info or call 0800 019 2054


The Planners have submitted:

- A revised proposed site layout plan showing the removal of the 22 homes previously proposed for the NE corner;
- An updated Illustrative Masterplan and Landscape Masterplan produced by Define showing the 22 homes removed from the NE corner; improved pedestrian linkages through the site and connecting to the wider townscape; dedicated GCN habitat to the south and south-west; new GCN habitat and open space to the NE and formal play equipment to the central 'Village Green';
- Revised plans showing the extent of hard and soft landscaping including POS, retained and future canal corridor, GCN mitigation area and retained boundary planting / woodland;
- Revised landscape sections;
- A transport addendum written in response to the comments received from OCC Highways (n.b. they will be confirming the exact areas of existing and proposed roads to be offered for adoption as indicatively shown in Appendix 1 on a revised plan to be sent soon);
- A revised accommodation schedule;
- An updated Flood Risk Assessment in response to comments from VoWH, OCC and the Environment Agency.


AREAS OF CONCERN - see your comments

We submitted our comments in September but now have a second chance.

Secondary Comments: [show detail]

Initial Comments [show detail]


If the Airfield development isn't built there will be no new Schools, no new Leisure Centre or Community Centre. The Council keep approving new developments without requiring these things to be built.

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