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Stockham Park Farm Development - Phase 3


The Planning application for Stockham Phase 3 have been updated and final comments must be submitted comments by 13th January 2015.

Details can be found on the Council website with application reference P14/V1810/FUL.

The Application is for an additional 90 homes and access will be through Stockham Farm phase 1 (Letcombe Fields) onto the Denchworth Road. The Application is for an additional 90 homes and it is interesting to see that they will use the same access as Stockham Farm phase one - onto the Denchworth Road and that the access strategy agreed with the Planning department has not been followed by Bovis (this included widening the road and adding a new pavement each side of the wider road entrance).
To see the comments that we have submitted so far click Stockham Park Farm Phase 3 Comments.


Your comments are here:

I am horrified at the huge number of houses without any infrastructure [show detail]

This development will have access onto a busy road where a youth was killed [show detail]

You just couldn’t make this up, it is so absurd. [show detail]

You can't double the number of houses in Wantage without proper infrastructure. [show detail]


Our questions to the Highways officers: [show detail]

The response from the Developers: [show detail]

As the Planning Officer said when recommending approval of Phase 2 "Local concern has been expressed that the proposal would cause traffic congestion and existing roads surrounding the site are unsuitable for more traffic. However, there are no objections from the County Engineer on traffic generation or highway safety grounds. ... The development is therefore acceptable in terms of highways.
We therefore need to ensure that the Highways Officers know of our concerns - please contact Paul Fermer

Not available

(Highways Locality Manager for Vale and South at Oxfordshire County Council).

According to figures provided by the County Council; a survey performed on the Denchworth Road south of Mably Way during week begining 23 September 2013 provided figures of 5000 cars per day (Monday to Friday) with a peak of 570 cars per hour during the evening rush hour.

The planning officer also pointed out that "Paragraph 109 of the NPPF says that “the planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment”. The site is designated under policy NE10 as important open land between Wantage, Grove and East Challow. This policy is fully consistent with the framework and seeks to safeguard the separate identities of these neighbouring settlements and aims to prevent their coalescence. The site if developed would therefore be contrary to policy NE10." But the Planning Committee don't follow their own policies.

As we assume that the Vale Councillors will fall over themselves to approve this application we need to ensure that road improvements are included and that there is sufficient unallocated parking to ensure that the overflow of cars does not fill Stockham Park, Denchworth Road or Elizabeth Drive. Parking standards for residential parking may be limited to Oxford County Council standards but we know that with limtied bus services and no other public transport, cars are an essential part of family life in Wantage.

We also need to ensure that monies are provided to all for expansion of Stockham Primary School. It is likely that these homes will be built in the next couple of years and it would take that long to expand the school and bring in Teachers so we need to ensure that the County Education Department take action now not wait until the homes are built. Contact Barbara Chillman

Not available

at the Education Department. Also copy Jenny Hannaby (Our local County Councillor).



If the Airfield and Crab Hill developments aren't built there will be no new Schools, no new Leisure Centre or Community Centre. The Council keep approving new developments without requiring these things to be built.

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