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The Housing Crisis is only a Government Target
To quote from Councillor Matthew Barber (Leader of the Vale District Council)
The 'housing crisis' .. relates to the lack of delivery of housing again the housing target by which we are judged by the planning inspectorate.

According to the National Planning Policy Framework, the Council has a responsibility to ensure that Local Plans should meet "objectively assessed needs", with sufficient flexibility to adapt to rapid change. The "needs" are difficult to identify - few jobs available now and the recession continuing.

The housing target has nothing to do with any objectively assessed needs as required by the National Planning Framework but was set by the unelected Local Enterprise Partnership without any public consultation as a means of bidding for Government funding..
SeeQuestions and Answers for Cllr Barber's detailed reply to our question.


Over 6,000 homes are proposed for Wantage and Grove,
this is over 14,000 people and about 9,400 cars.

See our Wantage and Grove Map for detailed locations.

Developments approved and submitted:

Approval has already been given to over 900 homes in the last 10 years: [show detail]

Outline permission has been granted for over 4400 homes: [show detail]

And more applications have been submitted for 200 more homes: [show detail]


The emerging Local Plan part 1 includes a further strategic allocation of 750 at Monks Farm of which 235 are included in the figures above so at least a further 515 homes are expected. This brings the current total of "major applications" to 6,071 homes.


These totals only include the parishes of Wantage, Grove and East Challow. 199 homes have received at least outline approval in East and West Hanney, and 47 homes have been approved in East Hendred with applications outstanding for a further 123 homes.

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