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About 25 people in Save Wantage Hospital t-shirts attended the HOSC meeting on 20th Sept. We told them that the hospital should reopen and that more than 2 years temporary closure was much too long. HOSC proposed that the Oxforshire NHS Trust be asked to replace the pipework before the end of the financial year and that a review of the needs of Wantage and area should be done as soon as possible.

Health Chiefs given ultimatum over Wantage Hospital (Oxford Mail).

A slightly smaller number went to the OCCG (Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group) Annual Public Meeting on 27th Sept. We asked lots of questions about services in Wantage and they will be answered in writing within 20 working days. They gave a presentation about the finances and we asked how much money had been spent on beds in care homes by the NHS. They said £22 million and we said that some of those people could have been accommodated much more cheaply in our Community Hospital (and had better rehabiliation!).

Next Steps

The Hospital is currently owned by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and their next Board meeting is on 31 October so we ought to go there and talk to them directly.

The next HOSC meeting is on 29th November 2018 at 10am at County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND, we intend to be there, will you join us?

Wantage Hospital

Wantage Hospital

Garston Lane, Garston Lane, Wantage, OX12 7AS
Tel: 01235 205801

The hospital is "temporarily" closed to inpatients and the physiotherapy has closed but the mid-wife led maternity unit is still open.

It's Our Hospital - We Want It Back!

An article in the "i" on Saturday 18 August suggests that many other community hospitals are having similar problems to Wantage.
The Fight to save NHS Community Hospitals

Nearly 1,000 people attended the Save Wantage Hospital Rally in the Market Place on Sunday 22 July. A very peaceful march hiding a depth of feeling. Many of these people were born in the hospital and even more have been treated there in the past. They want to be able to use it again.

After the match we wrote again to the Chairman of HOSC (Oxfordshire Health, Overview & Scrutiny Committee) to express our concern :

He responded much more quickly than he had in the past.

From That's Oxfordshire
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Wantage Community Hospital was opened in 1927 and replaced Wantage Cottage Hospital in Belmont. It was paid by the community.
Wantage Community Hospital became part of the NHS in 1948. We remained responsible for the building and equipment with the NHS providing the staff. Local people raised the money to install the lift, build the day rooms and install an X-ray unit.
In 1974 the Hospital was handed over in good faith to the NHS for them to run it. The League of Friends continued to provide for patient comfort and paid for the first birthing pool in Oxfordshire.
Our Community Hospital has been threatened twice before in 1998 and 2006 yet survived.
Its minor injuries unit closed temporarily in 2002 and has yet to reopen.
The in-patient beds closed temporarily in 2016 because of the threat of Legionella bacteria in water pipes and have yet to reopen (Legionella had been found in the hospital at the beginning of 2016 without closing wards and has happened in the JR Acute Care Hospital in Oxford without closing wards).
Physiotherapy moved out in 2017 due to lack of communication in the Health Trusts.

The hospital currently only provides mid-wife led maternity services. All other services have been closed.

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