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Column 13th January 2021

Groundhog day (covid style)

Ok, it does feel like Groundhog Day (you know, the movie where Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell live the same day over and over again).

We are back where we were in March 2020 with the same messages: stay at home, keep your distance and take precautions.

When this started, we believed that we might beat Covid by the summer and life would get back to normal. Now we know better.

Some people (including Donald Trump) believe that there are reasons why it doesn’t apply to them, why they are different when they need to see their friends, family or colleagues and believe that they won’t catch it or it will be no worse than a cold.

This is not true. Covid is fighting back and we need to continue to be strong and not let it win.

Fighting this pandemic requires all of us to believe that we need to protect ourselves and those around us, that you can catch Covid surprisingly easily and it might make you very ill or even kill you.

Isolating is a strong defence.

We are now used to long telephone conversations, Zoom calls, and messaging. Where would we be without Facebook, emails or WhatsApp?

The number of times that I’ve thought it would be great to stop the world so I could get off for a few days. To gather myself, rest, and clear my head without missing anything.

Well, now I know you can have too much of a good thing. I happen to like the world as it was (with a few exceptions) and will be happy to be able to see people face to face again when we can.

In the meantime, much of our lives continue at a distance, meetings and conversations take place by video conference and paperwork still happens.

Some people are using the pandemic as an excuse for not doing things, other people are getting more done without the distractions of getting to work or school and the general chit-chat of a social life.

Some people have started new hobbies and other people have realised that they don’t miss some of the things which used to fill their lives.

Others are feeling lonely and isolated and need the support of those around.

The many volunteers in our community who help by providing shopping, meals and conversation must be applauded.

Whoever you are, please continue to help us all fight this virus and stay safe and healthy for the future.

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