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Column 13th March 2019

Keeping track of numbers as house count grows again

If you are a regular reader you may remember last year when I reported on the Examination of the Vale Local Plan Part 2.

We pointed out the fact that the Vale seems to be allocating enough land for about 24,750 homes not just the 22,760 homes that we expected.

The Inspector published his final comments in December and the Vale has now published a revised plan for consultation.

The final figures seem to have gone up even further; the number of homes completed, homes approved and remaining allocated sites from Part 1 of the plan currently total 21,939, but Part 2 allocates sites for another 2,420 homes and assumes a further 1,000 will be built on smaller developments not yet identified, bringing the new total to 25,359.

The new allocations include 1,200 homes on Dalton Barracks, 600 homes on the eastern edge of Kingston Bagpuize (in Fyfield parish), 400 more homes in North Grove (north of the Airfield), 130 more homes in East Hanney and 90 more in Marcham.

The plan to add another 1,000 homes on Harwell Campus had been removed.

The 600 homes in Fyfield can’t be occupied before the completion of the upgrade at Frilford Junction, because the County Highways Team say the current junction wouldn’t be able to cope.

The Plan states that “The allocation at North-West of Grove has the capacity to deliver more housing, subject to appropriate infrastructure improvements. Housing which is in addition to the 400 homes is expected to be delivered after 2031.”

It goes on to say that development on the additional site allocations will be supported through a

“master planning process involving the community, local planning authority, developer and other stakeholders” and

“The allocation of the North-West of Grove site will assist with delivering the North Grove Link Road that will form an important connection between Grove Airfield and the A338, along with contributing to a range of other services and facilities.”

“Understanding how future growth should maximise opportunities for enhanced public transport connections, including a future railway station at Grove.”

Yet it also includes the old policy from the 2011 Local Plan which required the Grove Airfield development to build a New road from the site to the A338 north of Grove to be ... completed before any more than 1,500 dwellings in total have been built on the site.”

So why do we need the assistance of the additional site to build this road?

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