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Column 13th November 2019

What can I recycle in the Vale of White Horse District?

Last week’s Herald included a feature article about the level of confusion around what can be recycled.

Apparently we try to recycle as much as possible but sometimes don’t know exactly what the rules are.

So what can go into a Vale of the White Horse green bin?

We can recycle all paper, card and cardboard (including the Herald) but not greeting cards which have glitter on them or photographs.

Paper based wrapping paper is OK but not shiny paper or paper with glitter.

Polystyrene is not recycleable.

Don’t put tissues, paper towels, paper cups with plastic coating, greasy takeaway boxes, food pouches, or any of the plastic/foil wrappers from crisps, sweets and biscuits in the Green Bin.

The Mix in Mill Street, Wantage is a recycling point for crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, chocolate bar wrappers, chocolate and sweet bags and multipack outer packaging.

Items can be dropped off on Monday 4-7pm, Wednesday 1-4pm, Thursday 10am-12.30pm, or Saturday 9am-12 noon.

Glass is more of a problem. Clean bottles and jars can go in the green bin but window panes, glass ovenware, glasses or any broken glass can’t.

All plastic bags, bottles, pots - including coloured (not black) plastic plant pots, tubs and trays are all OK (preferably washed) except black bags, the thin plastic film which often covers food in tubs and cling film.

Trigger spray lids, plastic lids, plastic joiners between cans, and metal lids are fine but not the soap pump dispenser tops. Don’t recycle toothpaste tubes but the plastic caps (if clean) are fine.

Empty bleach bottles are fine as long as they have been washed.

Steel and aluminium food and drinks cans should be washed (and preferably squashed) but can go into the green bin.

Cleaned food tins, clean kitchen foil, and aerosol cans are also OK.

Metal or plastic coat hangers are not recyclable.

All household batteries including 'button' batteries from watches, battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and remote control units can be recycled but not in the green bin.

You can take them to the recycle points in any shop that sells batteries or put them in a clear plastic bag and leave them on top of your green bin when you leave it out for collection.

Worn out clothes, bedsheets, duvet covers, and curtains (even ripped and stained) can also be recycled, simply put them in a tied carrier bag next to your green bin.

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