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Newsletter 19 July 2018

I'll try to keep this brief:

  1. Wantageandgrove.org
    We have a new updated website - this should be much easier to use so take a look.
  2. Save Wantage Hospital
    Please come to the Save Wantage Hospital Rally on Sunday 22 July. We are meeting on Foliat Green at 2pm and winding our way past the hospital (at roughly 2.15) and along Wallingford Street to the Market Place where Ed Vaisey and Jenny Hannaby will address the rally. 
    We will need a number of stewards for this event so if you can help then please be on Foliat Green and look for Geoff in an orange baseball cap - he will tell you what to do..
  3. Planning Applications:
    1. Leisure Centre:
      There is another planning amendment to the application for the new leisure centre but only for improved representation of the flood risk on the site (it seems to say that part of the site does flood - but we knew that) See application P18/V0760/FUL
    2. Grove Airfield:
      There are new plans for the third tranche of development on Grove Airfield (123 homes) (see application P18/V1485/RM).
    3. Park Farm East Challow:
      We've finally spoken to the planning officer. Aparently there were two applications for the final design of the 88 home development - the first (which is the one which has been withdrawn) was based on the roundabout. The second (which was approved) was based on the final road design. I am told that they should currently be doing archeological investigation on the site but shouldn't be building any homes until the road works have been completed so if they start building let me know!
  4. Local Plan Part 2 Examination
    The next phase of the local plan examination stats next Tuesday, so we'll keep you informed.
  5. Thames Water Reservoir
    GARD (Group against Reservoir Development) have written to Michael Gove this morning asking for a second consultation on the Thames Water plans, with a copy to Ed Vaizey. we will be doing the same soon.
  6. Road works
    - Thames Water will be working on the A338 near Williams Roundabout from 26-30 July
    - Roadworks on Newlands Drive should finish tomorrow but will continue on Cane Lane in Grove for a variety of utilities until 10 August
    - Stop Go Boards will be in use at East Hendred on the A417 from 19th - 23rd July for Truckfest and and Featherbed Lane will be closed.
    - There are two sets of roadworks planned for East Hanney from 25 - 27 July at the Summertown turning and at the Main Street turning.
    - There will be work on Denchworth Road from 30 July to 6 August and then it will be closed from the Airplane Roundabout to Camel Roundabout for resurfacing from 16-24 August with possible work in the preceeding week.
    - There will be gasworks opposite KA's West site from 23-31 July.
    - Slightly further afield: Sutton Courtenay Lane (between Sutton Courtenay High Street and Milton Park) will be closed from 9 July until 16 November.
    - Advance notice that Ickleton Road will be closed from Priory Road to Ham Road from 6th - 31st August while repairs are made to the retaining wall.

That's enough for now. Thanks for reading

Best wishes
Julie Mabberley

Campaign Manager
Wantage and Grove Campaign Group

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