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Newsletter 30 May 2019

Firstly, the presentation from Dr Quintin Bradley given at our AGM and a summary of his speech is available on our website at www.wantageandgrove.org

Secondly, the initial results of the NHS health and wellbeing survey across OX12 are available here https://consult.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/consult.ti/OX12survey/listresponses

Thirdly, it was the first District Council Planning Committee with the new Councillors and it was very disappointing - no discussion on any application and two out of the three proposals on applications were made by the chairman. My understanding is that the meetings are for Councillors to listen to those objecting to or supporting applications and then discuss the applications amongst themselves before they make a decision. Most councillors didn't open their mouths - is this what we elected them for?

Crab Hill Forum took place last week and we were told that because the application for Phase 1B (off the A417 next to Castles Wood) includes homes which will be higher than 10m and will be 2½ storeys high, there has to be a Section 73 application to amend the planning conditions. This should go to the planning committee shortly so let's hope the Councillors on the Planning Committee wake up by then. 

If any material change to a planning condition must go to committee then we fail to understand why the building works taking place at East Challow don't go to committee. A condition was agreed to require the proposed staggered priority junction to be constructed before any dwelling rather than before occupation of the first dwelling yet building work is in progress and no application to amend this condition has been submitted. Perhaps enforcement are being soft again.

We should also like remind planning officers and councillors about the need for conditions relating to wheel washing facilities being established on any site where vehicles are likely to create mud on the road and for a condition to be included on all approved applications that the hours of operation for the development be restricted to 07.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and 0800 to 13.00 on a Saturday with no work taking place on Sundays or Public Holidays. We, the existing residents, of OX12 are entitled to some peace in our lives!

The Network Rail appeal against the refusal to allow the demolition of Steventon Railway Bridge has been delayed and a hearing will be held after 30 September - we'll keep you informed.

It was Traffic Advisory Committee this afternoon and the issue of Civil Parking Enforcement was raised again. Apparently the new Councillors at the Vale are eager to progress this but it could take 3 years to be implemented. Cherwell District Council fund a police community support officer to handle parking enforcement, perhaps Wantage Town Council should fund a part time officer to manage the Town until civil enforcement is in place?

The Carnival is in Wantage on 9th June, the French Market is in Wantage Market Place on 14 June, and on 16 June the west end of Wantage Marketplace (the bit nearest to the Parish Church) will be partially closed for street cafe, bars, music and art displays as part of the Wantage Arts Festival.

Now road news:

  • Traffic lights on the A338 near Oxford Lane should be removed today 
  • There could be 3 way lights on the A417 near Featherbed Lane for the next two days for electrical work
  • The A417 could be closed from 9.30 to 3.30pm both days this weekend between Lains Barn Road and Rowstock roundabout
  • The A420 between Kingston Bagpuize and the roundabout with the A338 could be closed from 1 - 9 June
  • Wantage Market Place will be closed for the Carnival on 9th June
  • A417 closures on 12 June are explained below
  • Oxford Eastern Bypass from Headington to the Cowley Roundabout could be closed southbound from 9-17 June so expect delays around Oxford
  • Charney Road (from Charney Bassett to the A420 is likely to be closed until 4 August) for Thames Water
  • In Didcot the roundabout near Aldi will be closed from 2-7 June so if you need to get through Didcot in the Wallingford direction go via Ladygrove
  • There will be work at the Station Road/ Main Street traffic lights from 14-19 June
  • There could be road works on the A4130 from Milton Hill to Milton Farm (through the Milton interchange) from 17 June so be prepared.

If you want to look at road news yourself then go to www.roadworks.org

Finally a reminder about the closure of the A417 on 12 June. Around 100 elite women cyclists will be making their way through our region as part of the OVO Womens Cycling Tour.  Starting at 10.30am from Henley, the race will enter our district just after midday in Harwell and leave via Faringdon on their way to the finish line at Blenheim Palace.  There will be rolling road closures on the A417 at these approximate times prior to the race cyclists coming through:

  • 12.17pm at Harwell
  • 12.23pm at the Hendreds
  • 12.32pm at Wantage (Reading Road, Charlton Road, Wallingford Street, Market Place, Mill Street, Challow Road)
  • 12.57pm at Faringdon

Roads are likely to be closed for between 20mins and an hour or so, depending on the gap between the front riders and the last riders. For the full route and more details please see the OVO Energy Women's Tour website. The race will be featured live on ITV4, with daily highlights shown every hour. There could be up to 100,000 spectators spread from Henley to Blenheim Palace.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes
Julie Mabberley

Campaign Manager
Wantage and Grove Campaign Group

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