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Newsletter 17 April 2020

Dear [Forename],

We still haven't heard if we can publish the response from Stuart Bell regarding the request to reopen the beds in Wantage Hospital, but in the meantime we have heard that they are not currently able to offer births at Wantage Maternity Unit. The Wantage midwifery team will continue to deliver antenatal and postnatal care. Alternatives are Wallingford, the JR or home birth.

We have had confirmation from Thames Water about the issues with sewage treatement. Problems in Lambourn are due to very high levels of ground water in the foul water sewer network. This has meant they are using tankers at various points on the network and at certain Sewage Pumping stations in Lambourn to manage the flows and prevent flooding. The tankers being used in Lambourn are currently discharging at the Wantage Sewage Treatment Works in Hanney. However, this may and has previously changed dependant on the conditions at the site they are using to discharge.

Next road works update. The road closure that I mentioned last week on the A417 at Ardington from 16th - 19th has now reduced to Saturday 18th April for 1 day with an approx. 5-6 hour duration. The closure should be in place from 6am. They will be maintaining access for Ardington & Lockinge village, buses and any properties or businesses within the road closure.

Finally, those of you with long memories will remember the fuss a couple of years ago when Network Rail wanted to demolish the railway bridge at Steventon. After a lot of fighting from Steventon residents the Vale refused permission in August 2018 and Network Rail launched an appeal. We heard today that the appeal has been withdrawn. They have agreed a new permanent speed limit set at 110mph for the railway through the village. This means that the B4107 bridge over the railway will not need to be removed and replaced as part of the Great Western Electrification Programme. Hurrah! 

That's all for now.

Stay safe and if there is anything we can do to help you then please get in touch.
Thanks for reading,

Best wishes

Julie Mabberley
Campaign Manager

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