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Newsletter 28 February 2022

I did say that there might be a follow up - so here it is:

First the link to the application for the Lidl store didn't work so try this one please

Secondly, I have been asked to clarify my comment about laptops being provided to Councillors:

  • Laptops have been provided by the County and District Councils as well as the Town Council to those Councillors who needed them
  • Laptops remain the property of the Council and if a councillor resigns or loses his/her seat the laptop must be returned.

So that's cleared that up.

There is a Town Council Leisure Committee meeting this evening (Monday) so if you want to go to the Beacon for 7.30, you can find out what they are doing.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes

Julie Mabberley
Campaign Manager

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