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Vale of the White Horse District Council Local Plan 2031

The Vale Local Plan 2031 is in two parts. Part 1 was approved in December 2016. Part 2 was approved in October 2019. It can be viewed and accessed here.

Local Plan Part 1

Local Plan Part 1 (LPP1) was based on work commissioned by the Oxfordshire Growth Board.

The Strategic Housing Needs Analysis (SHMA) for Oxfordshire identified housing needs for Oxfordshire of 100,000 homes by 2031 with 20,560 to be built in the Vale of the White Horse. See our page for more details on the SHMA.

LPP1 decided where these homes would be built and they included:

  • 2,500 on Grove Airfield
  • 1,500 on Crab Hill
  • 885 homes on Monks Farm
Because of the time taken to develop the Plan, a significant number of developments were approved because we didn't have a plan in place. They included:
  • 380 homes at Stockham Park Farm
  • 85 homes on Chain Hill
  • 200 homes spread around East Hanney
  • 200 homes on two sites in East Challow
  • 320 homes in smaller applications around Wantage and Grove
  • 150 homes given permission on King Alfred’s East site.
To see the full document go to the Vale website at Local Plan 2031 Part 1

See our Current developments for the status of applications.

Local Plan Part 2

Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) had to allocate land for 2,200 homes to meet the needs of Oxford City (apparently there isn't any land in the city to build enough homes). The new allocations include:

  • 1,200 homes on Dalton Barracks
  • 600 homes on the eastern edge of Kingston Bagpuize (in Fyfield parish)
  • 400 more homes in North Grove (north of the Airfield)
  • 130 more homes in East Hanney and
  • 90 more in Marcham.
The 600 homes in Fyfield can’t be occupied before the completion of the upgrade at Frilford Junction, because the County Highways Team say the current junction wouldn’t be able to cope.

The 400 in Grove are supposedly to assist with delivering the North Grove Link Road and may only be a start:

To see the full document go to the Vale website at Local Plan 2031 Part 2

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