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Column 22nd February 2023

How to help to change the Law

The Government is consulting on changes to the National Planning Policy Framework and we can all help to change the law.

Over recent years, we have paid the price of one particular planning policy – the 5 Year Housing Land Supply rules. 

This policy means that if the Local Authority can’t demonstrate that they have a pipeline of approved housing developments which is more than enough to meet the housing need for the next 5 years, then developers can use the “presumption in favour of development” to force approval to build houses where-ever they want to. This has allowed developers to submit applications on sites that aren’t in a local plan.

The Government is now looking to abolish this (and some other) rules but we must make sure they know that we support these changes as the developers will definitely be arguing against the change.

This consultation also covers important issues such as the introduction of National Development Management Policies. 

These new policies would give the Secretary of State free reign to create, modify or revoke such policies unilaterally, without consultation and we don’t think it’s wise to allow any politician that level of power.

So, after asking you to respond to the consultation on the proposal to build a reservoir in OX12 last week, this week we need you to respond to this Government Consultation.

You can see the consultation here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/levelling-up-and-regeneration-bill-reforms-to-national-planning-policy

You can respond by email by 11.45pm on Thursday 2 March 2023 to: PlanningPolicyConsultation@levellingup.gov.uk or complete the online survey if you prefer.

This is a detailed survey which asks 56 questions so if you want to respond to every question, it will take time, but there are two key questions which we hope you will answer.

Q.1: Do you agree that local planning authorities should not have to continually demonstrate a deliverable five year housing land supply (5YHLS) as long as the housing requirement set out in its strategic policies is less than five years old?

Yes. We believe all development should be led by local plans and not allow speculative development at the whim of developers.

Q.49: Do you agree with the suggested scope and principles for guiding National Development Management Policies?

No. Although National Development Management Polices might be acceptable, the current proposal gives the Secretary of State free reign to create, modify or revoke such policies unilaterally, without consultation and we do not agree with this.

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