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Column 26th December 2019

A short Christmas wish list from your local campaigners

It’s Christmas and a time for wishing so I sat down last week and thought of all the things we could wish for.

Politicians stopping party political bickering and getting on with sorting out the following list would be good:

  • ensuring sufficient money to enable our NHS to hit targets for cancer, hospital care and A&E.
  • ensuring affordable housing for Key Workers such as Teachers, NHS staff, Care workers etc. by building council houses again.
  • sorting out the social care system so that people are not in “waiting rooms” for end of life and that there are sufficient care workers.
  • legislating to ensure that all new homes are built to latest energy efficient standards, have solar panels and are built to last.
  • reinstating bus services and train services to attempt to reduce the use of cars.
  • working out how to reduce flooding across the country.
  • thinking of ways to encourage people to volunteer for all the things that the voluntary services do such as First Responders, Fire service, School Governors and Trustees, volunteer drivers, good neighbours and all of the local charities.
  • stopping the isolationism and loneliness caused by bringing all services online so that you never have to physically see anyone or talk to anyone.

More locally, we wish that:

  • the extension to our health centre was built quickly so that we might get enough GP’s to reduce waiting times and mean that we can actually “see” a GP.
  • our Community Hospital was reopened to ensure that people coming out of acute hospitals can have the rehabilitation necessary to enable them to get home and recover properly.
  • the parking issues in Wantage were sorted (I hear that there were actually police giving out parking tickets in Wantage a couple of weeks ago!).
  • NHS services were brought closer to home so that we don’t have to spend at least 2 hours on buses or queueing for a parking space at the hospitals in Oxford.
  • there were enough school places and staff so that siblings can go to school together and class sizes are small enough to ensure that all children get a good education.
  • there were enough police to mean that seeing a policeman wasn’t unusual or a cause for concern.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could all live healthy, sustainable and happy lives together in peace and harmony?

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