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Newsletter 29 January 2019

We have two health survey's to complete now - the older persons Health Strategy closes on Friday so don't delay, the new Oxfordshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy has just be released, so we have until 9.00am on Monday 20 February to respond. 

  1. Oxfordshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
    A draft strategy is available on the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) website and there is a link on the front page of our website at http://wantageandgrove.org/ . In summary the strategy focuses on “a Good Start in life, Living Well, Ageing Well and Tackling wider issues that determine health”.
  2. Older People Health Strategy
    The Consultation by OCCG on the final draft strategy document is still open until the end of January.

    To give your comments on the strategy, please go to the front page of our website at http://wantageandgrove.org/ and follow the link or phone for a paper copy.
  3. Save Wantage Hospital
    The next meeting of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) takes place on February 7th from 10am and should give an update on any action regarding Wantage Health Centre and Wantage Hospital. We will be there to see if any action is taken.
    A new study has just been released by Birmingham University into the purpose of Community Hospitals and its findings are very interesting. Basically it says that community hospitals are contributing to 'community value' and are important to their local communities in a wider context. Go to our website for more details: http://wantageandgrove.org/wantage_hospital.php
  4. New Wantage Leisure Centre
    The District Council agreed to put the development of the new Leisure Centre on hold until there was more definite news about Government Funding, but some of the Developer Contributions need to be spent by the end of 2019 - so what's to bet it gets spent in Abingdon not Wantage.
  5. Planning Applications
    There are a number of planning applications which have not been decided but no new major applications in the last two weeks:
    1. Crab Hill
      P18/V2992/RM This is the application for 174 homes on a patch called 'Centre West' which is about in the middle of the field, just east (not west as I said last time) of Tom's Field and north of the footpath. 
    2. East Challow
      P18/V3003/DIS This is an application to satisfy the condition that additional visitor parking should be added to the design for 88 homes at Park Farm. At the Planning Committee when the full design was approved the developer announced that up to 32 additional visitor parking spaces could be added yet this application only adds 12 spaces to the original plans for 5 visitor spaces. This is not sufficient.
  6. St Modwen Properties
    The new Crab Hill forum is later this week so we will see if the new Government Money which we mentioned last month is making any difference.
  7. Mud on the Road
    There have been several accidents caused by mud on the road from the Persimmon development at Grove Airfield. The County and District Councils are trying to enforce the planning conditions to ensure this is dealt with but if you suffer as a result on mud on the road near any of the developments please get in touch and we'll pass on your details to the Councillors involved.
  8. Grove Post Office
    Grove Post Office has closed because McColls has closed. We believe that the Co-op has submitted an application to install a post Office in the shop on Savile Way so we await further news. 
  9. Road works for the next few weeks:
    - The A338 north of Wantage is going to be the problem for the next few weeks:
    1. There could be traffic lights anywhere from Sainsburys roundabout to Main Street between 31 Jan and 4 Feb for BT works
    2. The traffic lights return to near Bellingers will be there until 17 March and 
    3. There could be traffic lights and/or road closures outside the Volunteer from 30 Jan until 4 February for resurfacing
    4. There could be traffic lights by Greenway farm north of East Hanney until tomorrow evening
    5. And traffic lights near the Garford turning from 4-6 February.

    - There will be traffic lights on the B4474 (Wantage to Newbury road) near the Leckhamstead turning until 8 February  

    - There will be minor roadworks on Larkdown and Springfield Road until the beginning of May
    - There could be traffic lights on the A417 near the Park Farm Development in East Challow until end of May.
    - Naldertown will be closed between Ham Road and Leverton Gardens until 2 February and gas works and water works on Hamfield and West Hill at various times between now and July.
    - The A415 Marcham Road from Howard Cornish Road to the A34 will have traffic lights from 7 January - 19 May 2019 (note revised dates) while SGN replace their pipes.
    - Broadway in Uffington will remain closed from Uffington to Dragon Hill Road until 15 February.

Thanks for reading

Best wishes
Julie Mabberley

Campaign Manager
Wantage and Grove Campaign Group


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