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Newsletter 21 November 2019

Someone pointed out that I hadn't written anything about the Wantage Eastern Link Road through Crab Hill and several people pointed out erros so I thought I ought to send an update.

First the corrections: -

  • It's not David Wilson Homes on Grove Airfield it's Charles Church who are building at the southern end of the runway.
  • The link to the Lidl Application on Grove Road is wrong - it should be P18/V2300/FUL

Now, Wantage Eastern Link Road;-
In February 2018, HM Government announced that the Council’s Marginal Viability Housing Infrastructure Fund (MVHIF) bid had been successful and that a £7 million contribution to ensure that the link road was built would be forthcoming. Well, that wasn't quite true.
Although successful with the bid, the amount of funding eventually awarded was lower than the original bid amount. Of the £7.71 million, Homes England granted the council £1.951 million.
This should still be sufficient to finish the road, but it is contingent on several draft conditions, currently being negotiated between the District and County Councils and Homes England, as outlined below;

  1. Written evidence to Homes England that independent legal advice has been sought and that the transaction complies with State Aid requirements
  2. Milestone dates for the infrastructure works
  3. Confirmation that s.106 funding in the sum of £5.767m (index linked) has been secured
  4. Acceleration of 222 homes in the western parcel of the Crab Hill development site

So it should be built by 2022, but the proposed changes to the Section 106 agreement mentioned in the earlier email may affect it. Anyway - who knows what will happen after the Election!

For details on any major development please go to our Current Developments Page.

For updates on road closures see https://one.network/ (previously Roadworks.org).

Finally - there is a french market in Wantage tomorrow, 21 November, if you want any ideas for Christmas presents.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes
Julie Mabberley

Campaign Manager
Wantage and Grove Campaign Group

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