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Newsletter 24 October 2022

Dear [Forename]

Last time I wrote an update it has just started to rain after the summer of drought. We had 35mm of rain yesterday (over an inch in old money) and have had 83mm (almost 3¼ inches) so far this month so my water butts are full again and it's raining now!

Anyway, on to more important things.

The County have approved a Zebra Crossing and double yellow lines on Charlton Village Road (outside Charlton Primary School) and more double yellow lines on Springfield Road and Mary Shunn Way. Let's hope the enforcement officer takes the time to have a look at the illegal parking once the lines are painted.
But no budget or design resources have been identified to change the pedestrian crossing at Fitzwaryn Special School on the Denchworth Road from a zebra crossing (with Belisha beacons) to a puffin crossing (with traffic lights). The Wantage Eastern Link Road is getting built and will take traffic away from Charlton School but will move more traffic around Wantage and along Mably Way to the Denchworth Road past Fitzwaryn School. If you (like me) feel that it is important to make this crossing safer, then please contact our County Councillors (Jenny Hannaby - jenny.hannaby@oxfordshire.gov.uk and Jane Hanna - jane.hanna@oxfordshire.gov.uk ) and tell them so.

While I'm on the subject of pedestrian safety, we have some good news about the steps in the Snicket between the Bovis development on King Alfred's East Site and Charlton Road see P21/V3349/FUL. The developers have submitted revised plans which remove the steps and replace them with a slope. Thanks must go to the planning officers for their powers of persuasion. The developers suggest that, if approved, this change could be completed with 18 months.  

As I mentioned in September, the consultation on Wantage pedestrianisation has finished and contributions should be being evaluated. The project team will then report back on key outcomes. We still have no information about any decision date or when the report on the consultation published, although the car park in the centre of the Market Place has been resurfaced and two new disabled spaces installed.

The Lidl plans for a store on Grove Road just north of the Mably Roundabout were recommended for approval at a planning committee in August 2022. The Developers and Planners just have to agree the legal paperwork before work can start but no sign of any agreement yet.

The District Council has announced that they have installed new LED lighting in the pool area and car park at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre in Abingdon at a cost of £78,858.94, with over £70,000 coming from developer contributions. Regular subscribers will know that £ millions of developer contributions were put aside for the new Wessex Leisure Centre planned for Mably Way which was then cancelled. That money is still shown in the District Council records as reserved for the ‘Wessex Leisure Centre’ even though this centre is no longer planned. In the meantime, people complain that the water in the pool in Wantage Leisure Centre is colder than in Didcot or Abingdon and that there is no toddler pool in Wantage. I also hear that many of the showers don’t work, the lockers are broken, and keys and wristbands are missing in the changing rooms in Wantage and they close at 5pm instead of 10pm on the weekends. It seems that once again Wantage is being forgotten.

You will probably know that work has started on the Health Centre expansion. The construction is taking up a lot of space and the road around the Health Centre is now one-way (turn left as you enter the site). The access to the surgeries etc. is a temporary entrance on the Church Street side. We understand that if things continue to go smoothly, the new consulting rooms may be ready to use by Easter next year.
While I'm on the subject of GP practices, both Patient Groups have their AGM's in November and have talks which preced the formal meetings – both taking place at the Methodist Chapel on Newbury Street. You are very welcome to join either or both talks whichever surgery you belong either face to face or via Zoom. If you do intend staying on for either of the AGMs please be aware that you will not be able to vote unless you are a patient of the Practice.
Tues 15th Nov @ 7.30pm Newbury Street’s Talk Innovative Transformations at Newbury Street Practice’  led by Dr Carrie Ladd will be followed by the AGM.To join via the Zoom Meeting:https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81127377954?pwd=VWJ5ZVJMVUFCRTlNajFaNW5jZzZ0UT09  Meeting ID: 811 2737 7954, Passcode: 011413
Wed 23rd Nov @ 7pm Church Street’s Talk Health and Well-being Opportunities offered by the PCN through Church Street Practice’  For Zoom details email: churchstreetppg@gmail.com

We have been concerned for sometime that there is no "One Stop Shop" for Sports, Cultural and Community Organisations within OX12 (Wantage, Grove and the surrounding area) and decided that it was about time we did something about it (we did try to get a grant from the Council several years ago to pay for someone to do all the research, but they said that they were planning to do this themselves). Anyway, we now have a new page on the website with over 100 local organisations listed. See www.wantageandgrove.org/organisations.php. We know that there are many organisations missing from this list and so if you have contact details for any of the organisers of other clubs, societies etc, or wish us to add your organisation to the list, please let us know.

We are still delivering leaflets to every home in Wantage and Grove and as many of the villages in OX12 as we have energy to walk round. So if you haven't received one yet we are still hoping to get to you. If you or any of your family can help with delivery, please get in touch - we would love some help. Thank you.

Finally roadworks - don't forget that you can check for any road works which may delay your journey at https://one.network/

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes

Julie Mabberley
Campaign Manager

Wantage and Grove Campaign Group


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