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Dandara - West Wantage

Dandara is an independent property development company based in the Isle of Man.

The company has been working in the Wantage area for more than 20 years. It obtained the outline planning consents for the three Stockham Farm developments which were then sold to different developers. Stockham Farm, also known as Letcombe Fields (Bovis), King Alfred's Place (Abby Homes) and Downsview Park (Matthew Homes) comprises 380 homes near the Stockham Park Estate.

Since then Dandara have been developing plans for approximately 800 homes to the west of these developments in the gap between East Challow and Wantage. They intend to use this development to fund the Western Link Road around Wantage and East Challow. Initially they tried to get this development into the District Council Local Plan to 2031 but the site was not recommended for inclusion by the Council.

Some of the comments from the council are shown

Since the rejection by the District Council Dandara has been discussing the proposal with East Challow residents and Dandara hope that the development will be incorporated into the East Challow Neighbourhood Plan. See the Dandara website for more details of the proposal https://westwantage.info/).

The latest proposal puts most of the housing to the north east of the site and the remaining homes to the west of East Challow. This will retain a gap between Wantage and East Challow but will join Wantage to the Grove Business Park. Thus eliminating the gap between Wantage and Grove and increase the size of Wantage without adding any infrastructure.

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